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The plastic straw is an item to be avoided. Even when discarded correctly, it can escape into nature and be carried by rain to seas and rivers, impacting all aquatic fauna. It is estimated that 90% of marine species have ingested plastic products at some point.

In addition, on beaches and seas, these straws are also a source of microplastic formation, the worst possible format for plastic and already present contaminating food, salt, drinking water and even bottled mineral water!

It was thinking about the preservation of the environment that we bring an alternative to the plastic straw.

Made with 70%* rice and 30%* Tapioca, the rice straws still working up to 2-3 hours when used in cold water/liquid.

Customers can even start to finish their drinks.

*it varies according the production condition

- Can be eaten
- Keep your drink taste
- Soft
- Eco friendly
- Sophisticated

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