About us

Who we are

We love animals, oceans, forests.

We love the environment.

We love the world.

Starting from this thought, we, eco R I S O, decided to help the world and do our part.

Bringing alternatives to the disposable materials that pollute our beautiful and beloved planet, which are: plastic straws, plastic cups, plastic bags, plastic forks and many more.

Our passionate team intends to insert in each restaurant of the world biodegradable products that can substitute the plastic products

As first step, we're bring the Straws made from rice.


This simple act can save millions of wild animals life and environment.

Each day, around 500 millions of plastic straws are being used and we use a straw for 5 minutes, in average. 

            We do this for the WORLD

            Do your part too, avoid plastics

Our goal

Replace pollutants products such as plastic with biodegradable products

First step, first product

Rice Straw is already a reality. It exists.

From 2018, we're distributing eco R I S O® straws.

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